If you’ve been salivating anxiously to hear the new album from modern metal masters Machine Head like I have, then I have some good news for you. The band has released samples of all the tracks over at their official website, and they all sound great. Check out more info after the jump.

As you see, the site is an interactive graphic of sorts, and as you hover over different sections of the background image, new artwork is revealed on a grid, and each part of the grid reveals a link which, when clicked, plays a snippet of each song from the band’s highly anticipated forthcoming album, Bloodstones and Diamonds. Marketing tactics aside, the songs themselves sound amazing. It’s been three years since the band’s last album, Unto the Locust, which was a great album, but if these samples are any indication, Bloodstones and Diamonds is going to top it in every way. Honestly, it sounds on par with The Blackening, which is not only Machine Head’s best album, but also one of the best metal albums of the past 15 years.

Pre-order Bloodstones and Diamonds here. The album is set to be released on Nov. 10 via Nuclear Blast.

– AL

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