Circa Survive Schema Video

The day has finally arrived! Circa Survive have not only given us their new song ‘Schema’ from their soon to be released album Descensus, but have also given us a video for the new track! Take a listen and prepare your eyeballs for a vicious pounding after the jump.


The track is fantastic and the video is weird, which is really all I could have asked for. This video has lead singer Anthony Green getting the absolute shit beaten out of him by a man-child. A literal man-child. Maybe it’s symbolism for how fatherhood can feel like a losing battle sometimes, or maybe it was just a concept that they though, “Hey, this would be neat visually. Let’s do it!” Regardless of the thought process behind it, the video is worth a watch and the song is most-definitely worth a listen.

Check out the preorder options for Decensus, which releases November 24th, right here.



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