We’ve already spilled a larger number of words on telling you about Mono‘s upcoming double release, The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness. If you’re not convinced yet that this is one of the most important albums of the year, and the most important album in the band’s career, you can now stream the whole thing for yourself. Prepare to sink into the dark realms of the stripped down Mono sound but not before being exposed to the heights of their post-rock flourishes. Head on over the jump to begin your journey.

We have A.V Club to thank for this preview stream. As you listen, keep in mind the purpose of the artist with this creation: to slowly guide you to the top of what you know about Mono and post-rock itself and then push you off the cliff into the deep pits of what lies below. Highlights include the tracks ‘The Last Dawn’ and ‘Cyclone’ on the first album, while the dreary ‘Surrender’ is one of the most emotionally depressing tracks in recent memory. In case you’re interested, the band are also offering beautiful pre-order opportunities right here.



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