Hate Eternal, the death metal super-group led by veteran guitarist, vocalist and studio wizard Erik Rutan, are not only prepping a new album for your ears to be released in 2015, they’ve announced their signing to Season of Mist, a label that’s honestly the perfect fit for them. Check out what Rutan had to say about these news after the jump.

Talking on the topic of the signing and recording the new material, Erik Rutan had this to say:


“We are ecstatic about how the recording for our new album has been coming out so far, and our new label and home Season Of Mist. We’ve worked very hard on crafting these songs to reflect our path, from our past to the present, and the journey of Hate Eternal and its members. Writing this album was a long and arduous process. It took a tremendous amount of determination, blood, and sweat to bring this all to fruition. We’re super proud of what we’ve accomplished creatively, and excited at the prospect of releasing what we feel is our most powerful Hate Eternal material to date.”

“Now it is time to bring this all to life! The recording process so far has been fantastic. I’ve never felt so focused and determined on a Hate Eternal record, and I know that this will be an album our listeners and supporters will truly appreciate. It represents an important milestone for me personally since 15 years ago both Hate Eternal began recording it’s first album and Mana Recording Studios was born. We have so much more news to share with you over the coming months. We cannot wait for you to hear this album!”

Considering that the last album, Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, was not only the strongest album to date, but also one of the very best death metal albums of the year, and that the band continues to expand and refine their already impressive technical skills, there’s a lot of reason to be excited for new music next year.


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