ne obliviscaris citadel
There has been a lot of hype floating around in 2014 but few releases have enjoyed the momentum building around Ne Obliviscaris’s upcoming release, Citadel. With due cause: their previous album was a mind-blowing album, effortlessly melding all the influences these guys swim through with elegant prowess. To get us even more pumped for this new album, the band have been releasing several snippets of an epic length track, set to be the centerpiece of the album. However, they’ve now released a full stand alone track and it is…you know what, just head on over the jump to hear it for yourself.

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Holy. Crap. From the blast beats and scratchy guitars of the beginning, through the amazing bass riffs and deep growls of the middle and all the way past the eerie, quiet section nearer the end, this track simply takes no prisoners. The trademark Ne Obliviscaris technicality is all over this track, with all parts weaving seamlessly through all the intricate passages. Most pleasing to my ears were the pristine clear vocals and the perfect way in which their peaks mesh with the screams in the back ground. If you aren’t already hyped for this release, for some odd reason, this track should get you going.

Citadel is due out November 7th via Season of Mist. Pre-orders are available at this location.




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