We’ve already informed you that Soen‘s upcoming album is a big step forward for the band. The maturing of their sound comes with a further inclination towards more technical aspects of metal while conserving their emotionally laden core. ‘Tabula Rasa’ is a fine example of this shift and now you can have a listen for yourself, as the band have released a video for the track. Head on over the jump to wipe the slate clean!


To be honest, I am not a fan of the imagery presented in this video. The Occupy Wall Street related images of western citizens rising up against the system has long dried up and the hints in this video towards the rest of the world, albeit numerous and far apart, just strike as false. The track though is brilliant, one of my favorites from the album. It really displays what the band have going for them in this release: the majority of it is much more technical and heavy than previous material but that choir at the end really gets your heart racing.

Tellurian sees release November 4th, via Spinefarm Records. P.S, if you’re from the USA, you might need to head over here to listen to the track.



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