It takes weeks, months, or sometimes years for musicians to put in the blood, the sweat, and the tears (hurr) necessary to make an honest and convincing piece of art. Sadly, it only takes seconds for some worthless schmo to leak the music to the masses, disregarding all the effort put in and the possible money lost. Machine Head are the latest victims of these shenanigans, courtesy of a soon to be jobless jerk at iTunes UK leaking the song ‘Now We Die’. Hot on the heels of postponing their recent North American tour, Machine Head are utilizing this tragic instance to soothe the tempers of anyone who planned on attending a show by uploading ‘Now We Die’ and also ‘Killers and Kings’ to their YouTube channel. Frontman Robb Flynn addressed the circumstances with a journal entry. Check it out after the jump.

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The good news is Machine Head are in fine form, and ‘Now We Die’ is as pummeling as ever and sure to appease die hard fans the world over. This album also marks the return of Colin Richardson at the mixing helm, once again delivering the characteristic punch we’ve all come to know and love. Look for Bloodstone and Diamonds to drop November 10. Pre-order information has been made available, right here.


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