Just this month Cannibal Corpse released the brilliant A Skeletal Domain which we really, really dug. The album boasts some of the best Corpse material in years and has rightfully reinvigorated interest in the band for many who had possibly wrote them off.  The band have just released the first video from the album – a gory, probably NSFW zombie filled effort to match the musical delights of ‘Kill Or Become’. Check the rest to see what we think about it!


The story of the video is as basic as it gets. A man armed with a chainsaw, alone against a seemingly never ending army of the undead. Guts are shredded, limbs are lopped off left, right and centre and the chainsaw keeps on whirring. These segments are shot in black and white while the performance material is in full colour. The footage of the band is shot alarmingly close up and at jarring angles which definitely helps the claustrophobic atmosphere that the narrative creates. Cannibal Corpse in a cabin in the wood and a dude with a chainsaw? Colour me extremely happy!


P.S. The band have confirmed that A Skeletal Domain hit #32 on the Billboard US Top 200 making it the highest charting Corpse record yet. Sick!


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