As is the expectation when a new Slipknot album comes along, the band has revealed the new masks they will be wearing during the .5: The Gray Chapter album cycle. They first appeared in the music video for “The Devil In I”, and now the band has launched a website slowly revealing each of the individual members’ masks. Check out more info after the jump.

I do question why Slipknot felt the need to launch an entire website to reveal their new masks, but nonetheless, they’re pretty cool. Really, the only majorly different ones are Corey Taylor’s and Jim Root’s masks, and they look pretty freaking sweet. Also, Corey Taylor revealed that the new drummer and bassist would both be wearing identical masks, which are shown in the video. You can watch the music video for “The Devil in I” at the site, and  you can view the masks under the “wear masks” link. I’m still not entirely sure how the website works, but you can only see the masks if you’re using Google Chrome. Also, not all the masks have been revealed on the site yet. They’ll finish unveiling them through the end of this week.

What’s interesting is there’s only eight members shown. Also, I wonder if we’ll finally find out who the bassist and drummer is. Our pals at MetalSucks did some detective work and deduced that Slipknot’s new bassist is one Alessandro Venturella, who played in UK based act Krokodil, alongside members of Sikth. Also, there are still rumors swirling that Jay Weinberg is filling Joey Jordison’s shoes as drummer, though this has not been officially confirmed. Maybe we’ll know by the end of this week!

One more thing: the music video for “The Devil In I” is actually really cool. And the song itself, though I was a bit sour to it at first, has actually grown on me quite a bit, and has been stuck in my head for the past week. What do you guys think? Do you think all this hype Slipknot is trying to fuel is pointless? Or is it going to be a return to form for the band? Let us know in the comments below!

– AL


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