It appears all members of The Faceless touring team are okay after the band’s bus hit a moose while touring in Canada. Merch guy Aaron Von Hamburger instagrammed a photo of the damage with the caption “”We hit a fucking moose. What a shitty night.” Check out the image and more details below the jump.

The Faceless were in the middle of an epic 41-hour drive from Ottawa to Edmonton as headliners for the Canadian leg of the Summer Slaughter Tour along with Rings of Saturn, Archspire, Fallujah, and Black Crown Initiate when the accident happened.

Relief over the fact that everyone is okay prompted me to joke that it had me thinking of Michael Keene singing “The Moose is Dead” instead of “God is Dead” at an upcoming show.

A clearly shaken Keene responded, “Fuck that moose. I’m glad it’s dead. I’d gladly sing a song about that stupid dead dickhead moose.” It’s unclear what impact the accident will have on the remainder of the tour. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge.

UPDATE: It now appears The Faceless will appear at all scheduled dates.  The band is finishing the tour in a cozy SUV after the Fallujah/Black Crown Initiate vans picked them up from the scene of the wreck.



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