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Four long and empty years have passed since Italian metallers Amia Venera Landscape dropped their epic and expansive debut album The Long Procession.  Back then, the band were touted as a blend of post-metal and hardcore, comparable to acts such as The Ocean and Devil Sold His Soul. Simultaneously crushing and soulful, this is a band worth keeping an eye on when they’re not being so incredibly elusive.

Fortunately, the band surprised fans today with an in-studio performance of a brand new track — appropriately titled ‘Weight Bearer’ — from their upcoming new album. The video is fully produced and the song doesn’t sound noticeably “live”, so it’s not too early to say that if this is what the band have been coming up with over the years, it’ll be worth the wait.

Via Facebook:

Hello there,

almost four years passed since our latest release The Long Procession, and a lot of shit happened in the meanwhile: serious health issues for one of us, unreliable booking agents and other various problems caused a slowdown of the recording sessions. On the other hand, during this period we’ve chosen and arranged the music for our next four albums, which are already written and are going to be recorded in the next years.

This is the live-in-studio video of a new song that will be part of our upcoming album, that we’re recording right now.

Check it out:



Here’s hoping that at least one of their next four already-written records (!!!!!) will be able to make it on a few of our collective top-2o album lists in 2015. Welcome back, AVL.

– JR

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