Dear readers, the hype train for Hadal Maw‘s upcoming release, Senium, is nearing its end as the album sees release in less than a week. However, the good folks with the band have decided to give you one last morsel of what exactly you can expect from this behemoth of death metal that is soon to grace your ears. If you aren’t already aware of it, we think this is one of  hell of a record and now you can check out another piece of why that is, exactly. Check out the new single, ‘Invisible Eye’, right after the jump!


This track is a great example of the groovier parts of this album. It also features one of the best vocal performances on the upcoming release, with the singing reigning absolutely dominant over the intricate instruments yet staying a part of the cohesive whole. Check out a few seconds before the three minute mark for some blast-beating insanity, followed by a sickening solo that ties the whole track together. Get hyped if you aren’t already, for some reason. We’ll keep you posted when the album hits.



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