A few months ago, Coheed and Cambria announced a very special tour: backed by Thank You Scientist, the band will be playing In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. Those with their ear to the ground might have expected a re-release of said album to coincide with such a tour and today, these suspicions have been corroborated. The band have announced that not only will the album be reissued but also remastered. You can check out a stream of the remastered version of “A Favor House Atlantic” right after the jump!

The lucky people over at have the exclusive stream for that track and a few more tidbits from front-man Claudio Sanchez. Check out what he had to say about a potential Coheed release in the near future:

I’ve been working on some material for the last year and a half or so when we were living in Brooklyn, which I found kind of inspiring and not so inspiring. There’s some interesting tunes I wrote down there with a perspective I couldn’t necessarily get here in the country. It’s veering off in a slightly different direction, but it’s still Coheed — not so much a direction as much as a feeling. There are songs about my son and about living on an island — metaphorically in a city — and feeling trapped and then returning to the vast openness of the country and feeling a relief there. There’s a lot of those ups and downs, and tonality-wise it feels very open.” 

Seeing as their latest album, The Afterman, was fantastic, the prospect of a new album soon gets me very excited!


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