The Acacia Strain are one of my favorite bands. Ever since I first heard Continent I’ve been hooked. Their last two albums were still good, but nowhere near as crushing as Continent. However, I think the band may be on to something special after hearing their new single for their upcoming record Coma Witch. Peep the video after the jump.


This is filled with riffs, way more than just chugs on the low string. It’s also got one of Vincent’s best vocal performances, in my opinion. If the entire album can utilize their two new gunslingers in Devin Shidaker and Richie Gomez as well as this song, the band might just make one of the best records of the year. This song is already better than their last two albums in their entirety and I really hope the record stacks up to this single. Preorder it here and stay tuned for more news!



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