As a fellow Israeli, progressive death outfit Orphaned Land are close to my heart. Not only have they been one of the most prolific and commercially succesful bands from our small country but they have always stood for values I hold dear: co-existence, religious respect and an overall humane respect for life. In these troubled times, artists such as them can be a real call for change and sanity. Keeping all of this in mind,  the band have just released an apt video for their track ‘Let the Truce Be Known’ from their previous album All Is One. Check out after the jump.


The clip itself is pretty straight-forward. I like the fact that you can’t tell the two children apart, as the flag is no indication. Israeli or Palestinian, a child is a child. In case you’re wondering, Orphaned Land are known for carrying through with their words: they play all over the world, in hostile countries, small communities and to varied audiences, always making sure to spread their message of tolerance. At the end of the day, that’s where I connect with them the most: we just want to leave in peace and eck out our own lives. Hopefully, many more voices will be raised towards this end and until then I can only salute Orphaned Land for their bravery.


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