A while ago, Damien told you to go listen to Set and Setting. I was a reader back then and I, like the loyal fan that I am, followed suit. What engulfed my ears on that day was one of the reasons I became a regular reader of Heavy Blog. Equanimity, the previous release by post-metal fanatics Set and Setting, is a masterpiece. I would not be exaggerating then when I say that I am literally at the edge of my seat for their next release. Now, we can finally get a taste of what we can expect. Head on over the jump and check it out!


Well, this is certainly interesting. While it has its share of more aggressive segments, there were few passages as up-tempo as this one in the previous release. Coping is accentuated by significant double bass segments, setting the black metal influences front and center. The few feedback passages appearing in there as well are more abrasive than what we’re used to from this band, although the riffing towards the end of the track has Set and Setting all over them.

In short, A Vivid Memory is out on September 2nd, via Prosthetic Records.


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