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The powers that be have sought to darken and destroy what ever happy, summer feelings you might be experiencing just now. A389 Recordings have just released a colossal mixtape featuring 54 tracks from the world of metal and hardcore and it is quite possibly the best mixtape ever created. Forget the tape you got from your high school crush that had some serious heavy petting tunes on it, this is 54 tracks of grime, grind, gore and savage rage. The kind that is as satisfying as it is dangerous for your health.

A389 Recordings have a sordid but spectacular history of putting out music from notoriously hard hitting bands such as Noisem, Homewrecker, Full Of Hell, Ringworm, Weekend Nachos… The list is ridiculous and unending. If extreme music worked like competitive sports then A389 would be the scout that every team would be fighting for. The list of bands featured on this boundless collection has a bit of everything for everyone with a disposition for DIY destruction. I have played through this whole thing once and I already feel exhausted from the unending d-beats, crusty riffs and filthy vocals. This compilation even has a rare offering from The Black Dahlia Murder (fanboy alert, so what?)! If you’re not sold yet then go pick up your The Pretty Reckless record and call it a day in regards to your taste in music.

You can pay whatever the hell you want for this special compendium of basement level brutality. What are you waiting for? Go find your new favorite band.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=314003821 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 tracklist=false artwork=small]

If you only have time to check this in passing check out this quick selection, picked by yours truly:

OccultistDeath Siglis
Left For DeadDevil’s Punchbowl
Empire Of RatsBottomless Pit
CoffinsPurgatorial Madness
Primitive ManUnable
Of Feather And BoneDepraved






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