The Matador
When the history of this particular period in the growth of metal is written, a whole chapter will be dedicated to Australia. From experimental black metal, through alternative, djent and post, the land down under has been producing top notch bands for a long time now. Names like Karnivool, Ne Obliviscaris and The Schoenberg Automaton are redefining numerous aspects of our genre by delivering some of the best albums of recent years. To this by now well known list you can add The Matador. Their 2011 album, Descent into the Malestrom, was an epic post metal creation. Now, it looks like we’ll be treated with another album soon, as the band just released a new teaser for Destroyer, their upcoming album. Check it out after the jump!


Produced by none other than Kurt Ballou, the new material sounds absolutely massive. We’ll have to wait eagerly for a more prolonged taste but for now it can be said that the vocals in the background sound amazing, alongside with the rolling drums and the rest of the instrumentation. We can rest assured that the production will be brilliant and hope that the album itself will launch this already excellent band into new places. Stay tuned as more details unfold!


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