The annual DEATH TO ALL tour has been one of the coolest things metal has seen in years. In case you’re oblivious, it brings members of Death together to pay tribute to the late Chuck Schuldiner, who passed away over a decade ago. This year’s lineup, however, is one of the best yet. Direct support will be in the form of Massacre, Obituary, and Rivers Of Nihil. This has yet to be confirmed officially, but Special Heavy Blog Contacts™ have confirmed as much.

This tour just got a little bit better. Obituary are death metal to the core, and I think it’s cool to see another band from that era up on stage, playing their hearts out. Plus, this will give me the chance to see them live, which is a bonus. Add all of this together and you get another chapter in the promising resuscitation of the death metal scene we have been witnessing since 2014 began.

Dates for the tour have yet to be released but when they do you’ll know that we got them!



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