Archspire Band Photo 2014

Archspire have released a guitar playthrough of ‘Lucid Collective Somnambulation‘, taken from this year’s The Lucid Collectivethrough Guitar World’s website, and it’s insane. Featuring two-hand tapping, squeedlies, weedlies and all other types of technical craziness that characterize the bands playing style, this has Archspire written all over it. Enough talking, though. Check out the wizardry below.


It really is a treat to watch these guys play, because it just boggles my mind. Them being able to think this way and being able to write these sort of riffs and leads makes my jaw drop right to the floor. I only hope to see more of Archspire in the future, or at the very least, bands trying to follow in their footsteps.


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