Not too long ago we introduced you to The Raven Autarchy, an excellent technical deathcore project out of Spain. Now they’ve just unleashed a brand new single titled ‘Kyomu’ and it follows closely in the footsteps of Kaonashi, the superb album released by the band last October. Packed full of technical grooves that will probably make you want to dance, the new single is reminiscent of Creature-era Within The Ruins and it doesn’t disappoint. Behold:


It’s great to already have some new music from these guys so soon after they released their first album, and if they keep this up then we won’t have long to wait for more. It’s also worth noting how the band have thankfully opted out of the current trend of having a lyric video to accompany the track. There’s still some flashy animation going on here, but it’s not overbearing at all and it feels a lot less cheesy than lyric videos tend to. We’ve seen some other videos in this style popping up recently as well, and hopefully we’ll continue to see more.


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