Hailing from my beautiful home state of Colorado, Allegaeon are one of metal’s most underrated bands. Their previous two albums were both exceptional works of melodic death metal, and are among some of my favorite albums. The band has finally revealed details about their anticipated third album, Elements of the Infinite, and with it they’ve premiered a new song entitled “1.618” in the form of a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek music video, which you can view after the jump.


The world needs more bands like Allegaeon (uh-lee-jun, not ali-gay-on); bands who are serious about their music, but don’t take themselves too seriously and acknowledge the oftentimes silly culture associated with metal. Hilarious video aside, this new song is freaking AWESOME. The departure of guitarist Ryan Glisan may have worried some, but this song proves that Greg Burgess is really the brains of the band. His classically-tinged guitar acrobatics are ever-present, and there is a welcome addition of crushing riffs that weren’t as prominent on their previous albums. A new lineup has clearly reinvigorated the band. This is going to be a fantastic record, I can just feel it.

Elements of the Infinite is due out on June 24 via Metal Blade Records. Preorder here.



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