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Eccentric Japanese rockers Boris are both prolific and incredibly diverse. When they’re not collaborating with Sunn O))) and Merzbow while trailblazing drone and doom metal, they can be seen crafting artsy pop music. Such is the life of a Japanese rock band.

The band have just announced their 19th (!!!) full-length studio album, Noise. Judging by the dark artwork and the album’s title, one would suspect that this record would be one of the band’s heavier works, as Boris tend to be pretty good at having album titles that accurately represent the material within. Well, Pink is heavy as shit and is lauded as a doom/stoner masterpiece, but otherwise you can pretty well pick apart the doom and drone from the floaty dream pop in their discography.

Fortunately we aren’t left wondering, as the group have paired the new album announcement with a stream of the album track ‘Quicksilver’, which you can hear below.


Noise will be out June 17th via Sargent House. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

[via American Aftermath]

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