Skinfather - None Will Mourn

The latest band to capture the hearts of the metal blogosphere (ugh what a terrible word that is) seems to be Skinfather, a band that continues in the legion of unreasonably pissed off HM-2 pedal worship a la Nails known as Entombedcore, albeit with a much more inherent death metal influence. After seeing the name pop up in my email, I began to notice it elsewhere; a handful of sites are pointing to Decibel’s exclusive stream of the band’s new track ‘Drown In Black,’ and it is absolutely vicious. I suppose I should be actively reading my emails. Oops.

‘Drown in Black’ appears on Skinfather’s debut album None Will Mourn, which is out April 22nd on Streetcleaner Records. However, you can get a leg up on the record with an instant digital download of the entire thing if you pre-order the LP. I’ve went back to my email since and I’m streaming the review promo and take my word for it — this record is exhilarating.

So if you like what you’re hearing over at Decibel, point your browser over here to buy the record and spin it early. DEFEND ENTOMBEDCORE.

– JR


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