The next in line for ‘reasons why Invisible Oranges is still one of the best metal blogs around, even post-Cosmo Lee’ is their introduction of Epistasis, that described them as ‘catchy while weirding the hell out, decidedly pretty while venturing into atonal territory’. How could you possibly not want to hear that?

Well, upon further investigation, it turns out Epistasis are precisely that — a wonky and yet smooth-sailing combination of post-rock ideals and fringe black metal weirdness, complete with trumpet to help carry those euphoric highs and plunge further into those icy cold depths they invoke.

Their new EP Light Through Dead Glass is one of the more immediately intriguing releases of 2014 and it’s great to see it being picked up by a site like Noisey who are streaming the release in it’s entirety.

It’s a journey, so try and catch the entire thing in one sitting before it’s release on April 1st through Crucial Blast.

– DL

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