So late last week, we told you all about Conquering Dystopia, the new instrumental supergroup featuring Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis, Alex Webster and Alex Rudinger, and how it was a ‘carefully crafted collaboration that grabs hold of the listener and refuses to let them go until the ride, with all of its vicious twists and turns, is over’. And naturally, it got more than a few people, myself included, chomping at the bit to hear the record.

Thankfully, it’s here and it’s available to stream in full, via the band’s website, right here. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to hear it yet as the player doesn’t work on these potatos, that the lab calls computers, but word is that it’s every bit as good as our review describes it as.


On the page you can also pick up a copy of the album in both MP3 and .WAV formats, for about ten dollars, which is more than reasonable considering you’re getting nearly and hour’s worth of meandering and ruthless instru-metal.


– DL


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