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So, here’s an interesting scenario. Blood Music are a Helsinki based group of metalheads “dedicated to the anthropological and cultural preservation of extreme metal music”, mostly through the reissuing of metal classics in vinyl form — they’ve done some brilliant work as well, working with some big metal names including Ihsahn and Sigh and even putting together a stunning seven LP package spanning the Strapping Young Lad back catalogue.

Recently, they decided to do things a little differently and announce a new ‘mystery’ project. The vinyls and CDs are being pressed but you’re essentially purchasing blind and you will ‘only discover what you’ve bought when it arrives in your mailbox’. An interesting prospect for sure, but opinion is split down the middle on their Facebook page. Here’s the original post, cut down a little for brevity:

??????? “???????” 2xLP on Gold-And-Silver Splatter.

Please note there is a REAL center label underneath that circle. That circle and ? are covering information.

We believe these two mystery releases are in many ways a first in the history of music.

We specifically sought out this band and believe it is something incredible and very special.

You will only discover what you’ve bought when it arrives in your mailbox.

No questions will be answered as regards to what you are buying. No refunds or returns will be given.

The band already has a fanbase, are you one of their fans?

Pre-order: Wednesday, February 12th at 5PM Finnish time (10AM NYC)

Many are bemoaning the idea that possibly these special edition items will end up in the hands of someone who has no want for them and will only see fit to sell them on. But it did raise some interesting issues on the idea of ‘risk’ within purchasing music today.

When everything is so freely available and I only have to type the band’s name in on YouTube at any time to get a good idea what I’m letting myself in for, the risk in buying music is basically dead. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything music related without hearing at least one track first, but as a kid, I used to do this all the time. I would pick up records based solely on the cover art, looking at you The Haunted‘s One Kill Wonder and Hate Eternal‘s I, Monarch, or even just based on the recommendations of others. Maybe I’m romanticizing the fact that I gave these records more chances because I already dropped cash on them, but I do feel that whole dynamic is dead these days.

And in reference to this, the people buying in know full well they’re taking a risk, so I’m not really sure what the problem is. If I had the cash to buy into this, I probably would, judging by Blood Music’s previous output, I can’t see it being hugely disappointing and the reward seems way more enticing than any risk here.

So, buying blind. Outdated or still reasonable?


– DL


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