It’s apparently been twenty five years since the first Meshuggah release, which is a hell of a long time. Considering I’ve seen great bands rise up and dissolve before my eyes simply in the time span of writing for this blog, it’s always heartwarming to see bands that I really appreciate hit significant anniversaries. Regardless, Tomas Haake recently took to the band’s Facebook page to give some words on the matter and tease their plans for 2014.

You can read the entire thing here, including their plans for some 25th anniversary shows across Europe and the US, but I’ll cut out this section as it’s of particular note:

To commemorate this great anniversary we have a few different cool things coming out in 2014! Those will include among other things a few official releases, but as to not completely kill the suspense immediately, we will come back with more info on that during the winter and spring. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news on this in the next few months, on our official site as well as MySpace/F.B etc.

A few ‘official releases’ sounds promising — I’m guessing that may mean a combination of new material and maybe even a live DVD or something? Either way, if they mean THIS winter and spring, then we really haven’t got long to wait so excitebikes at the ready.


– DL

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