Do you guys remember that Glass Casket band that Between the Buried and Me guitarist Dustie Waring and drummer Blake Richardson were involved in? Well it looks as if after a long bout of inactivity, they’ve picked up The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch to join their ranks!

Glass Casket has grown to be quite a de-facto supergroup despite pre-dating the bands that its members are involved in. For those not keeping up, here’s the lineup:

Blake Richardson- Drums (BTBAM)
Dustie Waring- Guitar (BTBAM )
Adam Cody- Vocals (Wretched, Columns)
Sid Menon- Bass (Yearling, Ross Copley band)
Wes Hauch-Guitar (The Faceless)

It’s hard telling if this means that there’s still new music in the works — that’s been up in the air for the better part of a decade — but it’s good to know that the band still exists. More word when we have it.


[Photograph by Nick Budosh]

– JR


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