Ghastly Sound – Self-Titled

Misdirection. Sleight of hand. Tools used to create confusion often, and especially so, in the name of showmanship. This type of confusion that has fueled many a magic act over the years and a variant of it is on display on Ghastly Sound’s self-titled EP. There are times that bands span genres and styles over the course of their career to keep fans slightly off-balance but rarely do bands try that on an album, let alone an EP. Ghastly Sound says “hold our drink” and proceed over the course of four songs to throw a lot of influences and ideas at the wall on their debut.

Starter Kit – Noise Rock

If there was ever a type of music to earn an award for being  unconventional and far reaching, noise rock would take it home time and time again, spreading its roots everywhere from the base genre itself to everything from powerviolence to indie music. Noise rock is truly a genre…