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Orion – Yugen

orion yugen

Influence is a divisive subject in any artistic community. Where does influence end and plagiarism begins? How can you define originality and is it more important than skill? The metal community has had its share of controversy on the subject, in recent times as well. We won’t pretend to give a definite answer in this review, but Orion‘s debut album Yugen is a strong case in favor of a view that sees influences and roots as crucial things. Relying on them, cultivating your connection to them and giving them your own voice is a powerful tool for creation. This is evidenced by the fact that when Orion channel their predecessors well,  the album is strong and evocative. It’s when Orion try to strike out on their own, introducing a foreign sound to aforementioned predecessors, that the album loses a lot of its edge and impact. It’s not bad at any point but some parts carry much less force.

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This weekend I took a ten hour round trip to see the very first Cloudkicker live show in Columbus, OH (also featuring Intronaut, who also played double duty in Cloudkicker) and let me tell you, the Cloudkicker hype is very real and it was an unbelievable show. I’m still not entirely sure it even happened, and I have a signed vinyl copy of Beacons — my favorite instrumental record ever — and a limited edition tour poster to prove it.

cloudkicker swag

I understand that I am one of the fortunate few who will be able to catch the first and potentially only proper Cloudkicker tour, so let me try to set the scene as best as I can in the amount of time I have.

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tesseract altered state 8bit

The 21st century is a wonderful place sometimes. Horrors abound, but beauty is also to be had. Weird beauty. Case in point: YouTube user z Smuffanz has rendered TesseracT‘s Altered State into 8-bit. In its entirety. Altered State is already an amazing album, in no small part due to the emotion-drenched instrumentals.

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in colour

Dan Tompkins has an incredible voice — this is pretty much a universally well known fact by now. So it’s great that we still get to hear it fairly regularly, despite his departure from the band we most likely all learnt him from, Tesseract.  The latest comes in the form of In Colour, a collaboration featuring most notably Dan Weller of SikTh and Tompkins himself indulging in their love of 80′s and 90′s pop music. ‘The Mess We’re In‘ won’t so much tear you a new one, as it will lovingly caress your old one. Whatever that means.

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wings denied in search of sunrise

I hyped it a little bit on the Facebook page yesterday, so if you follow that you’ll probably already be aware of this news — but Wings Denied have unleashed a new track of majestic singing and juddering riffs by the name of ‘In Search Of Sunrise‘.

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tesseract in studio

Tesseract‘s sophomore album Altered State was among one of my favorite albums of 2013, and I maintain that the album’s three-part opener ‘Of Matter’ is the best song the group have written thus far. The dynamic crescendos and many vocal hooks put this up there past ‘Concealing Fate‘ for me. Of course, many of you will disagree, but certainly the band believes the song is at least in the same ballpark, as they’ve given the song the same live studio treatment they’ve given to ‘Concealing Fate‘.

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Tesseract, Intronaut, Cloudkicker tour

So in case you haven’t heard, everyone’s favorite independent instrumental artist Ben Sharp (aka Cloudkicker) is hitting the road for the first time on tour where he’ll be supporting Tesseract and Intronaut, the latter of which will be pulling double duty the entire time as his backing band. There has been a lot of curiosity surrounding his change of heart from his former “I don’t think I’ll be doing that” mentality that Sharp has expressed before.

Fortunately, he’s decided to address the issue and update us on what lead him to hook up with Intronaut and hit the road for the first time ever via Cloudkicker’s Blog:

I have been in contact with Intronaut since right after Beacons came out. They played a show in Columbus in late 2010 and after [being blown away by] the set I hunted down their bassist, Joe, and offered him a Trader-Joe’s-bag full of CDs and LPs and said something to the effect of “you guys might like this.” According to them, they were so taken by my complete lack of trying to get them to do something for me that they gave the album an honest listen and actually liked it a whole lot. We’ve been in touch since then.

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Just as scheduled, the upcoming Tesseract, Intronaut, and Cloudkicker tour has been officially announced with its full run of dates! Also as we reported yesterday, Intronaut are indeed going to be the backing band for Cloudkicker! Here’s the skinny on how it went down:

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cloudkicker header

ThePRP blew everyone’s minds last night with the exclusive leak of the news that Tesseract will be touring North America this Spring with support from Intronaut and… CLOUDKICKER?! Throughout the years, Cloudkicker mastermind Ben Sharp has maintained that he has no plans to turn his studio project into a live act. Now, it looks like he changed his mind, and the group will make their live debut this April.

That’s not all, because we found out who is rounding out Cloudkicker’s touring lineup alongside Mr. Sharp, and it’s pretty big news!

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gods of eden still

In 2012, the Heavy Blog staff was floored by an incredibly talented Australian progressive tech-death outfit called Gods of EdenTheir self titled debut was a few songs short of a progressive tech-death masterpiece. I urge you to check it out. This year, they have an album on the way and if their debut was any indication, it’s bound to blow us all out of the water and we are proud to bring you the first taste of it.

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