Half-Life – Cradle of Filth, Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of our retrospective on one of black and extreme metal’s paradoxically most popular and overlooked acts: Cradle of Filth. This part covers everything from 2004’s Nymphetamine to the present day and tries to pin down exactly why their reputation has suffered during this period, even though they’ve still been putting out some fairly decent albums. Refresh yourself with Part 1, and follow through to the end for a quick wrap up and some speculation on what the future holds for the band nearly a half-century into their sordid career.

Origin – Unparalleled Universe

The past decade and a half has spawned a death metal olympics of sorts, becoming a competitive sport as drummers fight for the speed throne and guitarists fight to keep up. Origin completely changed the game with 2002’s Informas Infinitas Inhumanitas, forcing bands and especially drummers around the world back to the rehearsal room to practice tedious rudimentary endurance exercises. Despite their technical prowess, the band injected crafty and effective songwriting which only improved over the span of the four albums leading up to now. Unparalleled Universe is an exploratory affair that sees the band continue to reach beyond their carefully carved niche just enough to keep things interesting.

Terrorizer – Hordes Of Zombies

Terrorizer Hordes Of Zombies   01. Intro 02. Hordes Of Zombies 03. Ignorance And Apathy 04. Subterfuge 05. Evolving Era 06. Radiation Syndrome 07. Flesh To Dust 08. Generation Chaos 09. Broken Mirrors 10. Prospect Of Oblivion 11. Malevolent Ghosts 12. Forward To Annihilation 13. State Of Mind 14. A…