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Farewell, 2012: Famt Wang’s Top 10 Albums of 2012


Who the hell is Famt Wang, you ask?! He’s a graphic artist who has done shirt designs for the likes of Reflections and Bound by Exile, he is the creator of a line of limited edition guitar picks for Carnifex, Dweller, and Ophidian I, and member of up-and-coming death metal band Blue Waffle (for the love of Christ, don’t Google them). He reached out to us concerning his very own Top 10 list and we were happy to oblige! Read his thoughts on the year below.

So, I wanted my top 10 list to not get lost in my 1,000,000 blog posts a day on Facebook; so I asked my friend over at Heavy Blog is Heavy to post it for me. Luckily they all think my music taste is great and that I’m funny as fuck, or I wouldn’t have been worked into the last day of publishing. 2012, has been a year full of jacking off, bad relationships, and somewhat decent music; at least for me. Communications was my focus for this year, and laying low. I think I got high more then anything in the last year and just blasted music. 2013 will be much more productive; my band will actually make real music and not fuck up splits with other bands, I’ll produce more guitar picks, and I’ll still smoke way too much weed. Here’s my top 10 releases of 2012.

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Struck By Lightning Get Upbeat With ‘We Are All Just Rotting Corpses

It’s amazing how much difference 3 years can make. I remember picking up the Struck By Lightning debut Serpents back in 2009 simply off the back of their quirky band name and being blown away by the sheer intensity of the crusty and sludgy hardcore contained within. Since then, Serpents has become a great ‘go-to’ record for those days when nothing else will do but it never really crossed my mind that the band kind of faded into the background afterwards.

However, come April 24th, Struck By Lightning will release their follow up in the form of True Predation through Translation Loss records and Pitchfork has just released the first teaser for the album, a cheerful ditty entitled ‘We Are All Just Rotting Corpses‘, which lumbers and creaks through dirty riffs and gruff shouts in the same way as labelmates Javelina. So if there’s room for more crusty core in your diet, Struck By Lightning deliver on a lot of levels and I would highly recommend it.

– DL