EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Spruce Trap/Goodbye, Kings – “Targa Florio 1906” split EP

We are excited to have the opportunity today to premiere a split EP by two of the most dramatically underrated post-rock bands currently active, working a world apart but sharing an equal dedication to building breathtaking sonic landscapes that tell stories built on myths and legends as much as they are on loss and love.

Post Rock Post – Open Language Part II, Side B

Hello! A little over a week ago, I informed you that good guys A Thousand Arms are back with yet another incredible compilation. Side A of Open Language Vol. II, with which the last post was mainly concerned, focused on post rock and metal bands from the good ol’ USA. We dug deep into the release finding plenty of gems hidden without it. Now, I’m back as promised to take a close look at Side B, which collects post rock and metal bands from all over the world. This side caught me a bit unawares; it suffered from a slightly lackluster opening half. However, there are some bands almost hidden as a reward for the careful listener near the end of the volume that more than make this side a must listen as well. Let’s dig in!