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Pilgrim – II: Void Worship


The inherent magic in stoner, doom, or sludge is the tension between deep sounds, emotional timber, their interaction and subsequent release. The best bands in these loosely tied genres, know perfectly the timings of expectation, urgency, and satisfaction. Drawing out the listener with supposedly repetitive ambiance, they lead them towards a crescendo of sound and emotion built on the foundations of those nearly discarded ground-works. The peak then, the execution of the most moving segment of the piece, gives the slower, heavier parts their meaning. This is the main disadvantage plaguing Pilgrim‘s Void Worship; the album itself is well-executed but what’s being performed is missing a vital part, namely a unique and evocative peak, a summit that would give the rest meaning.

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Sahg – Delusions of Grandeur


Delusions of Grandeur

01. Slip Off the Edge of the Universe
02. Bilzzardborne
03. Firechild
04. Walls of Delusion
05. Ether
06. Then Wakens the Beast
07. Odium Delirium
08. Sleeper’s Gate to the Galaxy

[Metal Blade Records]

Sahg. Even the name drips with a certain laziness, a drawing out of vowels. That image fits the band perfectly, standing at the forefront of that certain stoner, doomy, sound that evokes Black Sabbath and long nights filled with smoke and honey. With a trilogy behind them, Sahg look forward with their fourth album, Delusions of Grandeur. Introducing a more coherent vision, their fourth album is undoubtedly their best. It blazes, drowns and seduces in turn, all the while delivering a stunning sci-fi concept that’s sure to capture your imagination.

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Farewell, 2012: Deadite’s Top 11 Albums Of 2012


O hay, it’s The King Of Procrastination! I’ve been letting the world of music pass me by the past couple of months as I’m creating my website and writing my horror novel and almost let the top of the year list slip by me. Luckily, Riddick the Cat called me up yesterday and told me to get the hell to work with this because I’m a “better interest to him than the human he lives with.” So there’s that. But, why shall we be bound to doing a list in a multiple of five? “Nay,” says Deadite, “Let’s beat the system and do eleven top albums of the year!” So dark, edgy, and kvlt.

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