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Obscure Gems: Ninjaspy – Pi Nature

Obscure Gems

Hey guys! I just wanted to say that normally this column is Nayon’s pride and joy and he was kind enough to let me take the reigns this time around.

Today, I sit here with the daunting task of making this album appeal to you and unfortunately, I doubt I will be able to sway every one of you. The very thought of this record requires an open mind because most of you will cringe when I utter the term ‘ska-metal’, but I won’t lie to you – this album is very strange. Nevertheless, I challenge you to love this record the way I do.

My discovery of Ninjaspy was timely as it came hand in hand with my discovery of Between the Buried and Me‘s Colors. For most of us, Colors changed the way we see music. After Colors I left my elitism at the door; I started to look at the intention of music. No longer did I try and think about what music should be; I instead started to enjoy it for what it is. This allowed me to recognising Pi Nature as a masterpiece instead of dismissing it for what I would have thought to be a gimmick – and I couldn’t be more grateful. To this day, the first couple of times I listened to Pi Nature remain my most enjoyable musical experience. It was ethereal.

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We Ask You (Again): What Five Records Changed Your Life?

Because there is, like, nothing happening today, and we’re too busy writing reviews in the form of esoteric rap, we thought we’d shoot you another question, this time inspired by an article over at Noisecreep, rather than the rambling of some sweaty Brit who enjoys staring at twinkly lights like some fruity moth.

In said interview-thing, Clutch vocalist Neil Fallon explains his own list – but being the arrogant arsehole that I am, here’s mine, and then you can follow with your own.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)

Odd choice? Not when you consider this band were responsible for getting me into music in the first place, and that this is still a classic album. It’s twenty years old. Fuck.

This album is rammed with classics (“Under The Bridge“, “Give It Away“) and barely a note of filler. It’s hard to underestimate the impact this record had one me, considering I was a musical virgin up until the age of about fourteen. I just didn’t care for it. This changed everything.

Isis (2004)

If Blood Sugar Sex Magik got me into music, then Panopticon undoubtedly got me into metal. The opening riff to “So Did We” is forever burned into my brain, so many times has it been spun. I probably only break it out a couple of times a year now, but it’s enough to satisfy my nostalgic cravings before I go back to spinning whatever new crap is being thrown my way for your pleasure.

This is what metal is for me. Whereas most people cite your Black Sabbaths, your Metallicas, your Iron Maidens and other classic metal bands as their first steps into our murky world, Isis will forever hold pride of place in my musical library.

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