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Hypocrisy Weave Tales of Thy Spineless

Hypocrisy - End of DisclosureLegendary Swedish Death Metal band Hypocrisy‘s upcoming album End of Disclosure has been quite the anticipated release for some. They’ve had quite a solid career, and their twelfth album is looking to be just as good as anything they’ve ever done. They’ve made available the track ‘Tales of Thy Spineless’ for listening, which you can listen to after the jump.

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Amorphis Reveal Artwork and Tracklist!

Oh damn, just look at that artwork. It’s like Sylosis’ Monolith cover without all the pea green.

Amorphis‘ eleventh studio effort, Circle, now has a face, some tracks, and a pretty high mark to hit. Their 2009 release Skyforger got me interested in the band, and I’ve delved pretty deep into their back catalogue. 2011 rolled around and I picked up the Beginning of Times, which could have been ten bucks I spent on a pretty kick ass sandwich or the life’s blood known only as coffee. It was a lengthy album that jumped from idea to idea without sticking on one long enough for me to get into it. Go ahead and take a look at what Circle has to offer thus far-

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