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The Wildhearts + Napalm Death + Merzbow = Mutation

 mutation error 500

That’s one hell of an oddball line up. But it’s true, the latest project from The Wildhearts mastermind Ginger Wildheart goes by the name Mutation and features contributions from the legendary Shane Embury of Napalm Death, the king of noise Merzbow, Mark E. Smith of post-punk titans The Fall and members of the UK’s new rock upstarts Hawk Eyes, amongst others. It’s an eclectic mix and the band’s debut album Error 500, that was recently dropped on the equally left-field Ipecac Records, shows that off.

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Rule Of Three: Dysmorphic, Phantom Glue, & Hawk Eyes

Three truly great bands in here, if you ever listen to me, do it now.

Dysmorphic curate some truly crushing tech-death with ‘A Notion Of Casuality

Unique Leader do not fuck about. Dysmorphic are one of their latest signings and you can easily see why the label snapped them up, this French lot pedal some completely ripping death metal in the same vein as Obscura or Decrepit Birth. ‘A Notion Of Casuality‘ is taken from the album of the same name, set for release on September 2nd, and essentially gives us a lyric video interspersed with live footage of the band. If you need a wake-up call today, let it be this.

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Brew Records Closes It’s Doors


It’s a sad day. UK independent record label Brew Records has announced that they are closing their doors after 6 years of service. The label has been a home to some of the noisiest and loudest bands in the UK including Hawk EyesBlacklisters and Nine Black Alps and released over 25 releases during their lifetime. As their parting piece, the label have made all of their releases (barring the latest Humanfly release) available digitally as pay what you want through their bandcamp and have reduced the prices on physical releases, giving you the chance to check out some really great music and hopefully throw their cash their way too. Check it out here, I would highly recommend Blacklisters BLKLSTRS, Hawk Eyes Mindhammers and Humanfly‘s Darker Later, but honestly you really can’t go wrong here.

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Hawk Eyes Deserve A Medal


Hawk Eyes must really, really love music videos as ‘You Deserve A Medal‘ marks the band fifth video in support of their 2012 release IDEAS, all of which you can watch here at their Youtube page. Comprised of stop motion footage of a performance of the track, alongside a cheeky run through of someone’s very extensive vinyl collection — it’s not the most fascinating video of all time, but it’s another medium to get you listening to the band which, if their inclusion on my end of year list didn’t tip you off to, you definitely should be doing.

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Farewell, 2012: DamienTheOmen’s Top 10 Albums Of 2012


T’is that beautiful time of year again. A season of good will, understanding and compassion towards your fellow man — a time for giving, loving and appreciating. The cold may have rolled in and the trees may have shed their once vibrant foliage, but the world finds solace in the love and company of others.  It’s a time to reflect on the memories of the year and plan ahead for the next.

But most of all it’s a time to listen brutal fucking metal and drink a fuck tonne of Advocaat, because 2012 was full of great releases and now’s your chance to catch on releases you may have missed or may have never even heard of. My first draft of this list was composed of 30 albums, which then shot up to 37 when I realised that I had forgotten to include EPs. Everything from new bands that came out of nowhere to blow my mind (We Are Knuckle DraggerBloodshot DawnOddlandExotic Animal Petting Zoo etc) to the old guard continuing their brilliant legacy (GojiraAbortedNapalm DeathDeftones etc) all unfortunately fell by the wayside in the ruthless culling exercise that produced this list. And I regret cutting every single one of them, but alas, if I was talk about every album this year that was great, I’d probably lose your attention pretty quickly. Who am I kidding? You’ve most likely already skipped on to the list and you’re not even reading this bit. I could write anything I want here and no one would notice. Anything at all.

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Hawk Eyes Go On A ‘Witchhunt

Leeds very own alt-rockers cum post-hardcore merchants Hawk Eyes (known as Chickenhawk until recently are a band that you should probably familiarise yourself with. Their most recent album, IDEAS, dropped earlier this year and has slowly been building fanfare over the last few months, coinciding with the bands recent tour schedule, including the show where they blew me away — opening up the main stage at their hometown’s Damnation Festival.

Fans of Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, At The Drive In or even The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s more pop-centric moments will most likely find themselves at home here in a band that create punchy songs that flirt briefly with both weirdness and technicality, with album opener ‘Witchhunt‘ being the perfect example of that. And hell, if that doesn’t do it for you, you could try the three other music videos that have been released in support of the album.

– DL

Feed The Rhino – The Burning Sons

Feed The Rhino

The Burning Sons

01. Flood The System
02. Nothing Lost
03. The Burning Sons
04. I Am The Curse, I Am The Cure
05. Kings Of Grand Delusion
06. Song Of Failure
07. Razor
08. Left For Ruins
09. Fountains
10. Death Of The Swine
11. Tides
12. The Compass

[In At The Deep End]

As far as ‘verb the noun’ band names go, Feed The Rhino is definitely one of the odder contributions around. It really doesn’t do much to describe the band’s particular brand of angular rock ‘n’ core, where Every Time I DieGallows and Hawk Eyes all clash head on. The Burning Sons marks this British quartet’s attempt at ‘the difficult second album’ and sets the soundtrack for a jaunt of high profile shows alongside the aforementioned current kings of UK hardcore, Gallows, as well as an apparently crushing set at the legendary Download festival. It would seem the murmurs about this band have gone from a dull whisper to a dense industrial hum in the short time since the release of their debut and The Burning Sons only gives you more reason to buy into it.

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