Hey! Listen to Öz Ürügülü!

Öz Ürügülü is a very little-known sextet from Switzerland. Indeed, at this moment, they have slightly more than 420 likes on facebook. Fortunately, this is by no means a measure of a band’s talent. I came across Öz Ürügülü about a year ago, and was very impressed by their debut, Forgotten Archives. Earlier this week, I got an automated email from bandcamp telling me that they’ve just released a new album: Fashion and Welfare.

Great New Metal Artist Profile: Polyphia

If you love learning about sick up and coming metal bands, you can spend hours exploring Bandcamp and Soundcloud and enjoy some great finds, but really where would any of us be in discovering, sharing, and referencing great music without YouTube?  If you filter out the cat videos and assorted…