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UK Metalheads, Check Out Beyond The Redshift Festival With Cult Of Luna, God Seed, Bossk & More

Cult of Luna's Redshift Festival

Recently, I stumbled upon this high quality footage of Cult Of Luna‘s recent set at Hellfest and I’ve been using it as background sound for some coding I’ve been doing. You’d think a band that relies heavily on dense layers of instrumentation and atmosphere would shine more in the studio, but this Hellfest performance is starting to become my preferred method for listening to the band. Vertikal was great, no doubt about it, but, here live, the raw sound makes it even better.

I bring this up because it’s made me really interested in this newly announced festival in London, Beyond The Redshift, that boasts a line up featuring God SeedAmplifier and Bossk and curated by the aforementioned Cult Of Luna, all playing sets with an ‘audio-visual’ experience and concept in mind.

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Farewell, 2012: Deadite’s Top 11 Albums Of 2012


O hay, it’s The King Of Procrastination! I’ve been letting the world of music pass me by the past couple of months as I’m creating my website and writing my horror novel and almost let the top of the year list slip by me. Luckily, Riddick the Cat called me up yesterday and told me to get the hell to work with this because I’m a “better interest to him than the human he lives with.” So there’s that. But, why shall we be bound to doing a list in a multiple of five? “Nay,” says Deadite, “Let’s beat the system and do eleven top albums of the year!” So dark, edgy, and kvlt.

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Rapidfire Reviews: Konkeror, God Seed, & Mokoma

Konkeror – The Abysmal Horizons


Hailing from Detroit, Konkeror are a no-frills death metal band. They self-released their album so it was a bit under the radar, but their blend of death metal that is influenced by Nile, Behemoth and older Morbid Angel is definitely impressive for a new band. Their production is top notch; and their riffing and drumming are tight, fast and bludgeoningly heavy. The occasionally middle-eastern influenced songwriting definitely evokes their influences heavily, but their sound is original enough to be recognizable. There is something distinctly oldschool about Konkeror, the drumming doesn’t resort to having fills at the end of every measure like a lot of modern death metal bands tend to, instead it’s usually a constant assault of blast beating. This might be odd for some newer listeners, but most old school death metal fans prefer this. At other times, the riffing is very modern in the sense of newer Behemoth, and the band’s juxtaposition of these styles in a way that alienates fans of neither makes them worth attention. An incredibly solid debut with great songwriting, The Abysmal Horizons should put Konkeror on the map with other big names of death metal.


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