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sectioned1In Scotland the winters are long and the search for great music is intense.  Find out what Pedram Valiani of Sectioned is (really) listening to after the jump.

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really11-2-header-parttwoRemember how back in school the kids whose last names started M-Z could show up later than the rest of you because it took a while to call the roll that far? That’s kind of how our two-part look at what your Heavy Blog is Heavy Staff is (really) listening to for the first weekend of November works. The stragglers show off their 3×3’s after the break.

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Welcome to the fourth part in our ongoing series of Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s “Best Of” selections where we explore a genre of music and each of our dedicated authors picks a favorite album to share a personal experience with. For our fourth list we decided to mix things up a bit and discard the genre limitations all together. Instead, we chose to focus on albums that have retained their original shine, even through dozens and dozens of listenings. This is the Heavy Blog Is Heavy Best Of Albums That Never Broke Edge

We tried to select albums that have been around long enough to prove that they can survive the test of time. However, there was no specific time limitation set so you’ll find albums from all different periods of metal (and some from outside metal). This list is truly eclectic and there’s a reason behind that: we believe that truly great music, music that has enough substance to survive past the first 50 or even 100 listenings, truly crosses all genres. Keep your mind open and your ears alert as we take you down the twisted path of our staff’s favorite albums.

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He Is Legend – Heavy Fruit


Some feared it would never happen, but it has: He Is Legend has returned. Back in September of 2009, the band went on what they called an “indefinite hiatus”, a strange move considering just two months earlier, the band released the totally different, but absolutely, positively brilliant It Hates You, an album which has since become treasured by both internet metal nerds and famous metal musicians alike, including Robb Flynn of Machine Head. It Hates You was an album that was nearly impossible to categorize; it was something of a cross between Deftones and Alice In Chains with southern-tinged Meshuggah elements and psychedelic stoner-sludge metal sensibilities thrown in here and there, and even these descriptions don’t even come close to doing it justice. It Hates You was a beast of an album all it’s own; it was a total departure from it’s southern metal predecessor, Suck Out The Poison, and complete one-eighty from He Is Legend’s first full-length album I Am Hollywood, which showed their humble beginnings as something closer to a metalcore or post-hardcore band.

Now, five years later, equipped with a new drummer and a refreshed vigor, He Is Legend have stampeded back onto the scene with Heavy Fruit, an album that’s every bit as different, and every bit as fantastic, as everything they’ve ever released.

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I can hardly believe it. Yesterday, April 13th, was the one-year anniversary of the passing of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who spent years in a coma following a devastating automobile collision in 2008. At that time, the band had just wrapped up sessions for an album called Eros, which the band had shelved since then. In memory of Cheng, frontman Chino Moreno uploaded a previously unheard of track from Eros titled ‘Smile‘ to his YouTube page, and you can stream it below.

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Mire – Inward/Outward

mire inward outwardMire


01. Complex
02. Tyrannicide
03. Limitless (pt. 1)
04. Limitless (pt. 2)
05. Convolution
06. Beast and the Machine
07. Catalan Atlas
08. Mantra Cymatic
09. Open Circle
10. Upheaval


Sticky, sodden, stinking and sinking — Mire is not the most pleasant or imaginative of words to use to name your band and yet where once there was none, now we have two fighting to disentangle themselves; waving to grab our attention. Although their two worlds may not be a million miles apart, Mire (or MIRE if you’re that way inclined) and their debut album Inward/Outward are most definitely not to be confused with the UK’s aspirational post-metallists The Mire or their co-incidentally timed release Glass Cathedrals: see Jimmy Rowe’s review. Rather, this version hail from Montreal in Canada and play aspirational, hook-laden rock with expansive passages of progressive experimentation.

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lesser key

If you aren’t aware of Lesser Key, then you need to make sure you fix this as soon as possible. Featuring former Tool bassist Paul D’Amour, the band sounds like a killer mix of Tool, Deftones, and Karnivool — that whole cool proggy side of rock music we know you like so much. Their debut self-titled EP is due out next month and we’ve already heard the single upon their signing to Sumerian, but now we’ve got an extended teaser of the EP through samples of each track. Hear it below.

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Just a few days prior to making the journey to Australia to play at the Soundwave festival, deathcore heavyweights Whitechapel were forced to cancel their trip after the unfortunate passing of an immediate family member, and our heartfelt condolences go out to the band at this sad and difficult time.

However, with their latest album nearly ready for release and a crowd funded DVD in the works, 2014 is set to be a big year for the band, about which and more I recently caught up with guitarist Alex Wade for a chat.

G’day Alex, this is Geoff from Heavy Blog Is Heavy.  How are you doing?

Hey I’m good man.  How are you?

Not too bad.  Thanks for taking my call today.

No problem at all.

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Junius – Days of the Fallen Sun

junius days of the fallen sunJunius

Days of the Fallen Sun

01. (Meditations)
02. The Time of Perfect Virtue
03. (Shamanic Rituals)
04. A Day Dark with Night
05. (The Purge)
06. Battle In the Sky
07. (Nothingness)
08. Forgiving the Cleansing Meteor

[Prosthetic Records]

There is usually an inverse relation between energy and longevity. Some bands burn bright and turn to a crisp in the process and end up rehashing their original releases. Some bands need time to take off, preferring a long culmination of style that might be hard to keep track with. The rare bands, those we’ll take with us into the rest of our lives, are those that can produce intense emotion and keep their pace at the same time. Junius are quickly turning out to be of the latter, rarer breed. Their fifth EP, alongside two full albums, is nothing short of a near perfect creation. It knows when to be harsh, when to be epic, and when to be still.

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