Crystal Fairy – Crystal Fairy

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is a hot-shit guitar player, no doubt about it. He was a core member of post-hardcore firebrands At The Drive-In and his Herculean strongman solos defined the sound of The Mars Volta, the love ‘em or hate ‘em prog punk freakout machine. After recording over 900 solo albums, he seemed to have decided that his maximalist style was maxed out. First it was Noctourniquet, the fairly straightforward, (allegedly) final album from the Volta. Then it was a new band with the longtime Plant to his Page—vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala—and the post-punkish Antemasque. Their debut record was even more conventional than Noctourniquet, with catchy choruses and riffs, and the least cryptic lyrics Bixler-Zavala has ever put to wax. So maybe, in retrospect, Crystal Fairy is not that surprising.

Connecting the Dots: At the Drive-In

There are bands whose members keep to themselves, and when their career is up, they recede into the background, never really to be heard from again, except for maybe a side project that is inevitably less well-received than their main band. However, there exists another breed of musicians that seem to make an entire scene out of their own presence alone, and manage to both write solid music and remain incredibly prolific.

The Mars Volta Flash The Bling With ‘The Malkin Jewel

Yes, I do hate myself for using that word. Nevertheless, The Mars Volta, long-term brainchild of both former and current At The Drive-In members Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala (so yeah, it’s relevant!), have are streaming the first single from their forthcoming album Nocturniquet , entitled ‘The Malkin Jewel’ over at…

Bands That Made Me Heavy: At The Drive-In

I tells ya kid, I dun never heard nothin’ like them At The Drive-In boys before this one fella spun that Relationship of Command on the ole’ juke box down at the drug store, one sunny afternoon back in ’04. Oh lawdee me! Them bass strings was a-quiverin’, and all…