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PHOTOS: Animals As Leaders, Conquering Dystopia, CHON — May 28th, 2014 @ The Castle Theater, Bloomington, IL


Hey, all! Animals As Leaders were recently on tour with supergroup Conquering Dystopia (brought to you buy former Nevermore guitarist, Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow, Cannibal Corpse‘s Alex Webster, and The FacelessAlex Rudinger), and CHON. Unfortunately we’ve been very delayed in bringing you these photos here at Heavy Blog, mostly due to life circumstances. However, please enjoy them in all their glory! We greatly apologize for the wait. Pardon us while some of the staff plays catch-up.

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The Faceless Team Up With Nico Santora and Reunite With Derek Rydquist

Image courtesy of Maclyn Bean Photography

The Faceless, a band that changes members more than most people change their underwear, has enlisted a new rhythm guitar player.  Nico Santora of Suicidal Tendencies is now on the road with The Faceless on The Summer Slaughter Tour as the replacement for previous rhythm guitarist, Wes Hauch who retired from the band back in February of this year.  Don’t let his position in Suicidal Tendencies fool you, Nico is more than capable of handling the tech death riffs of The Faceless.  His YouTube features many videos showcasing his death metal and overall guitar skills.  It is not certain whether Nico will remain in the band as a full-time member after the tour as he is not officially listed on The Faceless’s Facebook profile. Check it out and some other goodies after the jump!

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Alex Rüdinger is Acting on Impulse


By now the versatile talent that is Alex Rüdinger should be well known. From this time with Threat Signal through his work with The Faceless and right up to his recent work with Conquering Dystopia, Rüdinger is hailed as one of the best drummers in the field. Apparently, the man can also sing! Is there something he can’t do? Yesterday Rüdinger announced a new project of his called Acting on Impulse and released a three and a half minute long teaser to accompany the announcement. You can check it out in full right after the jump.

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Conquering Dystopia – Conquering Dystopia

conquering-dystopia-album-coverConquering Dystopia

Conquering Dystopia

01. Prelude to Obliteration
02. Tethys
03. Ashes of Lesser Men
04. Doomsday Clock
05. Inexhaustible Savagery
06. Totalitarian Sphere
07. Lachrymose
08. Autarch
09. Nuclear Justice
10. Kufra at Dusk
11. Resurrection in Black
12. Destroyer of Dreams


Instrumental music has undergone many transformations in the past few years, some for the better, some for the worst. The online “djent scene” alone has put a sour taste in the mouths of many. Conquering Dystopia is not only proof that instrumental is far from dead, but thriving, and undoubtedly fresh. Employing a line up that ranges from the aforementioned djent scene to death metal and shred legends, Conquering Dystopia covers every base and then some. Every song composed as a full on collaboration between Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow, given the full level of human feel by the inclusion of Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse on bass and Alex Rudinger of The Faceless. The choice to work with a studio like Audiohammer is readily apparent in the overall quality of the album, showing just how much of a difference a professional studio can offer, from the quality of Rudinger’s drums to the powerful mesh between the guitars and bass.

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Lyle Cooper Parts Ways With The Faceless

lyle cooper

After rumors spread online that The Faceless drummer Lyle Cooper had left the band — he was absent at a recent live show in Mexico — speculations have now been cleared up, and it is now known that Lyle Cooper has officially parted ways with The Faceless. Taking to his official Facebook page, Lyle had this to say:

“I figured I’d clear up the air about my status with The Faceless.

After almost five years with the band I’ve decided to part ways. Over the last couple of years it seemed that the interests, goals and musical approach of the band was not that of my own. Also, managerial issues became too frequent with no resolution.

These issues, I felt, made it hard for me as an individual to produce as a creative and enthusiastic member. I’m sure that proceeding my departure, the band will have no trouble finding someone with the right mindset and talents to step in and keep the band moving forward.

Thank you to the fans and everyone who supported The Faceless throughout the years. I wish the band and its members nothing but continued success and make sure you catch them on their upcoming tours.

I will still be pursuing my other musical projects so look out for new Absvrdist and Abhorrent this year. –Lyle Cooper

Amid a slurry of recent band losses, this news is a little less shocking then it would have been a few weeks ago, but it is still a sad development. While I was never the biggest fan of The Faceless, it is clear that Lyle is a talented man, and his contribution to the band was always what entertained me the most. Best of luck to Lyle and all his future endeavors. I’ve not spent time iwth Absvrdist or the Abhorrent, but now I know where to go if I ever want to hear more from him.

The Faceless have yet to comment on these developments, so it is currently unknown if they have found a replacement for Cooper. The HAARP Machine‘s Alex Rudinger was behind the kit at the band’s aforementioned show in Mexico, but it’s likely that he was just a last minute stand in. However, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if he was picked up to be Cooper’s permanent replacement.

We’ll keep you updated as news on these matters become available. Cheers.

– EC

The HAARP Machine Offer Some Disclosure For Debut Record

The HAARP Machine have announced their debut record Disclosure to be released October 16th.

Remember when I told you about this in late July? Well now I’m even more excited. The album trailer is up and we’ve finally gotten a glimpse of the impending perfection. It’s a little early to call this one of the best albums of 2012, but it’s entirely possible given the musicianship and overall writing ability of the band. Oh, and just in case those two new guys look familiar, they’re vocalist Mike Semesky (ex-Vestascension, Ordinance, Rest Among Ruins) and drummer Alex Rüdinger (ex-Threat Signal, Ordinance). All aboard the excitebike!

So what about the track list? If you pause the video right around 2:36 (good luck), there are a few frames of a board with seven tracks listed. They’re shortened names of the full songs, but three of them are ‘The Escapist Notion,’ ‘Pleiadian Keys,’ and ‘Esoteric Agenda.’ The other four are ‘Disclosure,’ ‘Machines,’ ‘Vanity‘ and ‘I TP‘ (or ‘1 TP‘). If you can properly identify those songs in the comment section below, I will personally reward you by reading your comment. There looks like there’s more above ‘Disclosure,’ so don’t cry that it’ll be too short of an album.

Keep up with the band on their Facebook page for some pre-order information and maybe some tunes to hold us over.

– GK

Members of Ordinance Cover Soilwork’s “Stabbing The Drama


Not content with releasing the excellent Internal Monolgues with Ordinance back in July, master drummer Alex Rudinger (also of Threat Signal) recently learned Soilwork‘s song “Stabbing The Drama” for a special occasion:

“A few months back Threat Signal had some gigs in Ontario, Canada. Bjorn Strid [Soilwork’s vocalist] happened to be in the area and we decided that it would be cool to do a live cover of this song and have Bjorn perform with us. The show was a lot of fun and performing with a member of Soilwork was kind of a dream come true for me – I’ve been a huge fan since I was a kid.”

Not content with leaving it at that, Rudinger conscripted Ordinance bandmates Mike Semeksy and Greg Macklin to record the following video for it, laying down vocals and guitars/keys respectively. Czech it:

If you’re in Baltimore, Maryland on December 7th, make sure to catch Ordinance when they support Obscura with Abysmal Dawn and Enfold Darkness. You can also see them with Dead Walk The Earth, BlackHeart Ace and Last Nail Driven on December 16th in Newark.
After the jump, catch footage of Threat Signal performing with ‘Speed’ Strid!
– CG

Man The Battle Stations: Threat Signal Incoming!

Threat Signal ST

Well shit, talk about some good-news gibbons (the polar opposite of bad-news bears, obviously). Featuring veritable drum-wizard Alex Rudinger (also of Ordinance), Canadian outfit Threat Signal have announced their forthcoming self-titled album will be released on October 7th in Europe and 11th in North America, complete with the spiffy artwork above, which ws done by Colin Marks (who amongst others did Origin‘s Entity and Scar Symmetry‘s Dark Matter Dimensions).

01. Uncensored
02. Comatose
03. New World Order
04. Trust In None
05. Face The Day
06. Fallen Disciples
07. Disposition
08. Death Before Dishonor
09. Buried Alive
iTunes Exclusive Bonus Track:
10. Resistance

Catch a recent video of Alex recording at Planet-Z Recordings in Hadley, MA after the jump.

– CG

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