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We have recently become pretty big fans of Dethlehem, feeling fairly strongly about their latest album, Destroyers of the Realm [review], which is a pretty good time all the way through. Hell, it’s even available as low as zero dollars, because the band hate piracy that much. Why not, right?

The D&D-core boys from Pennsylvania have a new music video for you from that album, though! “Mystic Island” is the track, and the video was produced by the legendary Jens Bogren, known for his work with standout acts like Opeth and the insurmountably cheesy DragonForce.

And, oh man, you need to see this.

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Most people know Mikey Powell as the very Deathcore vocalist for Conducting from the Grave. Now Mikey is out with a very different side project, an innovative new label, and a message for metal fans of all stripes. Listen and learn more after the jump.

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Nightingale – Retribution


We’ve talked a lot about fun, music and analysis here on the blog and we’re sure to talk about in the future as well (there’s an editorial coming, worry not). What exactly is the relationship between enjoying music, its complexity and its innovation? The question will perhaps remain forever open, but that doesn’t have to stop us from just enjoying what we enjoy, regardless of intellectual matters. This is exactly the kind of approach one should use when sitting down to listen to Nightingale‘s newest album, Retribution. There’s nothing here to innovate or complicate but it rings true with the good kind of nostalgia; the kind that takes the best out of familiar themes and works on them.

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January 22nd, 2015 marked the first stop of the six-and-a-half week tour featuring ERRA, Fit for a King, Northlane, Miss May I, and August Burns Red. The night was an absolute madhouse as fans of high-energy metalcore packed Baltimore Soundstage from the photo pit to the merch stands at the back of the venue. I have been to many metal concerts as well as college raves at Baltimore Soundstage and none of those nights could even compare in terms of the sheer number of people in attendance. Even though it was the first night of the tour, everybody’s performance was full of energy and on point. The band’s that night embodied “The Frozen Flame Tour” perfectly. Although they may have been frozen and frostbitten by the cold winter air, their passion for their music burned strong and shines brightly on stage. If you are looking to catch a great tour this winter, go and see the date closest to you. You will not be disappointed.

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Alkaloid Answer The Call of ‘Cthulhu’

Alkaloid - The Malkuth Grimoire

German progressive death metal supergroup Alkaloid is definitely on the top of my watchlist. Not just because the group has Christian Muenzner (Spawn of Possesion, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) and Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura), Linus Klausenitzer (Noneuclid, Obscura), Danny Tunker (Aborted) and Morean (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid). Not only is this lineup very exciting, but they’ve already released a teaser and a song, and they both sound great. Now they have another song titled “Cthulhu”, and it’s awesome. Check it out.

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Chicago’s Outrun the Sunlight are basically taking over the winter, having released the stellar Terrapin [review] before the holidays, provided us with a video for “The Pace of Glaciers,” and now a playthrough video for “Where Every Word Spoke, Speaks”?

Be still our collective heart.

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Avant garde black metal legends Dodheimsgard (also known as DHG) will be releasing their first album in eight years this March and it’s promising to be plenty weird. The band’s psychedelic take on black metal has paved the way for many oddities in underground music, and the band seems to have every intention on continuing their work in the furtherance of the experimental.

Following last week’s announcement detailing A Umbra Omega, the group have shared a two-minute clip from the 15-minute ‘Aphelion Void’, and while it’s difficult to judge a 68 minute record on such a short clip, what we’re hearing dials back on the industrial influences. Give the sample a stream after the jump.

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Montreal’s technical death shredders in Beyond Creation have just announced a mini-tour across the Midwest and east coast of the United States! Fresh off of the October release of their sophomore LP, Earthborn Evolution, and some touring across Canada with the dizzyingly fast Archspire, these guys are ready to gear up for some headlining dates. Check them out below:

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Having wrapped up a monumental (heh heh) tour with the mighty Animals as Leaders and The Devin Townsend Project, Monuments are hard at work promoting their latest album, The Amanuensis [review] with more live shows on the horizon and even playthrough videos, brought to you by MESA Engineering.

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Much to our mutual dismay, we have largely ignored covering the Chicago-based prog aficionados Dissona. Hell, even digging through our inbox we discovered that they wanted us to cover their album back in September of last year and it went unread. Oops! Still, we managed to give them a little face time on Heavy Blog when Leprous had their first US tour ever (sponsored by us!) and Dissona was right there opening for them on the Chicago date.

We’re rectifying old mistakes, though, and here to tell that Dissona is great.

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