Shadow Of Intent – Primordial

There was a period between 2006 and 2009 where the deathcore scene was exploding as progressive elements started to get introduced into the sound. The genesis of the sound of many bands that are loved today was in that scene – be it The Faceless, After the Burial, Born of Osiris, Within the Ruins, Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist – the list goes on. Now, in 2016, things are different. Enter Shadow of Intent, a progressive/technical deathcore duo. Their take on the sound manages to be fresh way past the prime of the genre, and hearkens back to the feeling of finding a new band on a random blog doing interesting things, a band that is on the verge of greatness.

Inverloch’s Sophomore Release Draws Close With “The Empyrean Torment”

Inverloch’s upcoming album, Distance Collapsed set for a 3/4 release via Relapse Records, is set to be a crushing, complicated and highly effective album. It will probably fill this year’s eccentric slot on many an end of year list, drawing on places of human emotion which are often uncomfortable to gaze towards. In the meantime, you might try to listen to this track a couple more times to prepare yourselves, but I doubt that will aid you. If this is any indication, there will be little preparing for this beast.

A Gift to Artwork — Napalm Death

The grind kings are universally established as pioneers and for over three decades they have tortured passers by with their ever evolving sound. With a combination of filthy dystopian poetry, buzzsaw instruments and prisoner free attitude, the Brommies have given a world they look on with contempt, so much more than music. Let’s have a look.

Kill Your Idols: Phil Anselmo and How We Talk About Uncomfortable Truths

It’s been a few days since the metal community was seemingly upended by a video depicting Phil Anselmo performing a Nazi salute and screaming “WHITE POWER” at the end of his set at Dimebash 2016. The video dropped like a nuclear bomb, bringing with it far-reaching radiation across the internet as music columnists, artists, and fans have been tearing each other apart over how strongly one should criticize or defend him. But when we fight about these things, we’re all taking the easy way out by focusing solely on the target at hand and not at all why we fight about these things to begin with. We should be asking ourselves, Why does this happen? Why do we care so much about the actions of these people we don’t know? Why do we get so offended and outraged when our preconceived notions and admiration for these people are questioned? And mostly, why is it that we suck so much at talking about any of this?

The Algorithm Is Coming And He’s More On Point Than Ever

Remi! Remi, we love you. Seriously, Rémi Gallego (AKA The Algorithm) is one of the more exciting artists around. Whether he deals in poppy and infectious, game-inspired bangers or heavier blends of electro and metal, his tracks are always varied, interesting and original. It seems as if, after a bit of a break from his previous release Octopus4, his career is ready for its next step forward. This year, Rémi will not only be releasing a new album, Brute Force, but also touring extensively across Europe, a tour sponsored by none other than ourselves! We have dates for that tour down below but also a new track from the selfsame album, “floating point”. Needless to say, its lush, groovy and extremely powerful. Let’s get to it!

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream A New Single From Prog Metallers Redemption!

I absolutely adore prog metal. Something about it just really seems to resonate with me, ever since I first got into it way back in eighth grade (roughly 8 years ago). Man, how time flies. My taste has expanded widely since then, but progressive metal still holds a place very close to my heart. It was there when I went through some rough times, particularly getting very sick, and learning the music always kept my spirits high so that one day I would feel well enough to play the parts I memorized backwards and forwards. It’s been a while since I’ve found a new prog band that I enjoy, however. I just have focused on other genres as of late, trying to discover more of them. Fortunately, I was introduced to the killer progressive metal band we’re hosting today, and, like their name, this served as a Redemption for my interest in prog metal and makes me want to go revisit it. Check out their new single “Thirty Silver” here!

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast – Episode 15: A Chat With Obscura’s Steffen Kummerer

Welcome back to HPIHC! This week we have no Eden, but we have a very special guest instead. Obscura frontman Steffen Kummerer! We have an in depth conversation about a lot of topics, including their upcoming album Akroasis (read my review), its concept, the themes of the lyrics, the imagery surrounding it and more! We also talk about what’s life like for him as an experienced touring musician, and I pick his brain about our usual conversation topics. We then geek out about philosophy, which is a perfect way to end this episode. Enjoy!