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On their first North American tour in 18 years, Faith No More are getting ready to release their new album, Sol Invictus, on May 19th.

Thanks to a savvy fan with a YouTube account, you can check out two brand new songs performed live for the audience of their Vancouver stop.

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Ohio progressive metal outfit Novallo have been teasing at a new album for quite some time now, but have thankfully released something we can all sink our teeth into. Their unique blend of technical riffing has taken a slight step back to allow room for some of the most infectious grooves of late. Mixed and mastered by Warren Sokol at Universal Studios (responsible for too many albums to list), the new track features some seriously thick guitar tones.

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After the death of founding member Jeff Hannemann and the departure of drummer Dave Lombardo, you would have thought that Slayer would have simply folded and rested on their laurels. Most bands out there with such a huge shift in their core over 30 years into their career wouldn’t last, but the group is determined to push forward and are now about to release their first album in six years. The band just released the first peek into the new record and is planning to release “When The Stillness Comes” on a 7” for Record Store Day. What direction will the band take this time? Head over the jump to find out.

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It seems that we will have an “official lineup” recorded performance for Nightwish on this tour! Though there exists Showtime/Storytime, the footage having been recorded at 2013’s Wacken Open Air Festival, the band are keen to promote their new album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful with everything they’ve got.

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You can’t throw a delay pedal without hitting a fan of Deftones in the Heavy Blog camp. The same can be said for Incubus, those starry eyed kids with the great hair that everyone saw on MTV. So you can imagine that some heads started spinning when the news broke that these two will be combining their talents to co-headline a North American tour this summer. Top the line up off with the incredible Death From Above 1979 and The Bots and look at that, you’ve found the antidote for the harsh winter that has kept you indoors. Head on over the jump to get dates and more of me wishing I was Stateside.

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We’ve written a lot about Intronaut over the past couple weeks, and why wouldn’t we? They’re one of the best progressive metal bands on the scene today, and we are chomping at the bit to hear their new album. They’ve been hard at work writing new tunes which they’re currently laying down to tape in the studio , and lucky for us, they played one of those new songs on Monday night at the House of Blues in Anaheim opening for Meshuggah. Surprisingly good fan-filmed footage of the song can be viewed after the jump, and hold onto your pants, because it rules.

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Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving – Yield to Despair


Evolution is a tricky thing, musically-speaking. Any band worth their salt goes through this process in some form. If the ideas and concepts you carry with you as a young, fresh band are raw materials, then subsequent work should be an ongoing process of refinement and polishing, tempered by a continual experimentation that breathes new life and brings new raw materials into the process to continue the cycle. Some bands never really get past the initial stages of this and stunt their creative growth in the process. Others choose to take the process in giant leaps and sidesteps, constantly keeping their listeners on their toes. For most though it’s a gradual, if at times uneven, process.

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Hey! Listen To Fvck Mountain!

fvck mountain

We love Australia. The big country on the other side of the world has given us Minogue, Donovan and Disentomb to name but a few stellar music acts. More recently we’ve been looking at the downright nasty and the most beautiful of what Australia has to offer in terms of metal. So, along comes Fvck Mountain who have unwillingly made it their prerogative to render me unable to pinpoint exactly where they belong on this spectrum. This Brisbane five piece hit heights that hardcore rarely manages while at the same time crafting something far more memorable than the majority of the pack seem capable of. Read the rest of this story »

Hear ‘A Voice’ With Matter’s New Video

In the throes of the musical epiphany that was last year, we told you to listen to Matter. I really hope you did, since Teraphim is some of the finest melodic metalcore I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in the past few years. Relying on a strong concept and the great dynamic between band members, the album is groovy, catchy and well written. Now, the fellows at Matter have released a video for ‘A Voice’, off that self-same album. Head on over the jump to see it!

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Recap: Neurosis‘s Steve Von Till is gearing up for a solo album, seeing release on May 12th. The last single released from it was heart shattering but it seems as if Von Till was only gently leading us into this devastating release. The latest release, ‘In Your Wings’, turns the pain dial up to 11, leaving our hearts bleeding and aching. Head on over the jump and, as always: bring tissues.

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