King Goat – Debt of Aeons

Ah yes, a progressive stoner/doom review! This means that there’s a formula this intro paragraph takes: first, we tell you all about how progressive stoner/doom has seen a huge proliferation of releases in the past few years. Then, we ironically make the point that the main issue with the genre is repetition (ironic seeing as how these reviews tend to touch on the same point). Then, we either regretfully inform you that this is the case here or that a certain band has managed to break away from the mold. It’s usually the latter, since we like to review releases we like (shocking, we know). Now that that’s out of the way, can we please get to the amazing album that is King Goat’s Rapture?

An Ode to Spring – Metal, Thematics and Politics

Since the vast majority of Heavy Blog contributors fall on the left side of the map (shocking, we know), focusing on the latter seems like the way to go. Criticizing the other side of the political map is easy enough; taking a hard look at your own camp is where things get tricky. Thus, let us turn our eyes on one of the most typical leftist refusals to engage: the retreat. There are few places in the cultural world where this retreat is more obvious than in music and, more specifically, in metal. Even more specifically, the current throes which are black metal is undergoing are even more lucrative for our needs. There, leftist retreat is alive and happening right now, both because of the virility of the claims on the other side (read: the amount of black metal that’s truly awful) and because the themes of black metal have already been declared by the larger, more abstract “left” as anathema in the past.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Watch Stargazer Jam In These New Live Sessions!

I’ve been telling you about Stargazer since 2014; last year, it was my pleasure to review their debut and shed some light on its intricacies and non-standard approach to its genre. In retrospect, now that I’ve had even more time with Tui La, what makes it work so well is the cohesion and organic momentum that the band have. They just seem to really enjoy playing with each other and that makes them gel in a way that’s rare for a relatively young act. The two videos we’re premiering today from them really solidify this fact; both “Animus” and “Skinwalker” are some of my favorite tracks from the album but, more importantly, the videos really showcase how well the band works together. Head on over the jump to see for yourself and we’ll talk more!

Ails – The Unraveling

A musician’s “return” after an extended absence from music (whether that be from an intentional hiatus or otherwise) is an interesting peek into their creative headspace. Do they prove themselves creatures of habit, or were they reinvented over this intermission? In the case of Ails, it’s a little of both. Other than for this record speaking for itself (read: kicking tons of ass), the group is likely best known for bandmates Laurie Shanaman and Christy Cather’s previous work in Ludicra. As expected, Ails is a similarly forward-thinking metal project, but The Unraveling distinguishes them from their impressive lineage – the…

The Melvins – Pinkus Abortion Technician

Nothing has ever been quite as on the nose as a Melvins record featuring the bassist from Butthole Surfers coming out on 4/20. The weirdos of the grunge movement are back again with Pinkus Abortion Technician, this time including two bass players. It’s just as weird as it sounds, and it scratches that itch for those who can’t go too long without their fixes. This foray into the world of the low end isn’t new for the Melvins. 2016’s Basses Loaded featured a number of bass players, often employing two at a time. They certainly learned a lot for Pinkus…