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Sleep - clarity

Sometimes it’s easy to forget or overlook things regardless of how monumentally important they are. Case in point: we’re roughly four days late in covering the first new Sleep song in about a decade, ‘The Clarity.’ Prepare your paraphernalia.

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Within the Ruins Phenomena Preview
Within the Ruins have had a bumpy ride. From the heights of their first iterations to the disappointment from Elite, they have certainly had to shoulder their fair share of criticism. However, they have also enjoyed the undying loyalty of many fans. As the band looks towards a new release, will they be able to recapture some of the power and authenticity that garnered them their original success? That remains to be seen but the first part to an answer can now be found online, as the band are streaming their new album in full over at AP. Check it out!

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Post-hardcore/loud-everything (that’s a genre now) band Baby Godzilla, are really something. Something which should be cranked up to 11 and blasted in the direction of anyone not moshing hard enough. All jokes aside, their music is quite good, blending hardcore sensibilities with intense groove. The band have just released a clip for their single ‘The Great Grindcore Swindle’. I could describe the video or you can just head over after the jump and check it out.

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Primus/Pusicfer Drummer Tim Alexander Heads For Surgery

smw clipTimothy Norris, Getty Images

Bad news folks. Legendary Primus drummer Tim Alexander has suffered a heart attack late last week and should be heading onto the operating table today or tomorrow. Our thoughts go out to him and his family and we hope for his speedy recovery. It certainly takes huge heart to drum on the side of Les Claypool or Maynard and we hope it can carry him through this.

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King Diamond Fires Bassist Hal Patino


Bassist Hal Patino will not be making the rounds (again) with King Diamond on the upcoming tour. This marks the second time that Patino has been fired from the band, the first time being in 1990.

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Aliases Are Living In A Mad World

smw clip
Aliases have an interesting band history behind them: formed in 2010, they started as a simple aggregate of music writing friends. However, the enlistment of vocalist Jay Berast soon sky-rocketed their career unto the biggest stages in Europe and finally landed them a deal with Basick Record. Unfortunately, Berast had to leave the band and his spot was taken by Joe Rosser, who had big shoes to fill. A video clip for ‘Exasperated’ featuring Rosser set some doubts at rest, but in case any remain may I suggest you had on over the jump and check out the band’s cover for the classic ‘Mad World’?

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Sleepmakeswaves Premier Video For Great Northern

smw clip
In case you weren’t aware, the new sleepmakeswaves album is fantastic. It’s especially memorable for its smile-inducing sense of hope, a fact that hasn’t at all diminished for me over repeated listens. However, it’s always good to have a refresher and a video clip of what is possibly the best track on the album is a great solution for that. Without further ado, check out the band’s clip for ‘Great Northern’!

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Rapidfire Reviews: Anti-Mortem & Betraying the Martyrs


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Maybe one of the most interesting heavy acts to come out of my charmingly bleak home nation, Sectioned released a killer split not too long ago. After catching them play a cramped and killer free show I managed to share some words with Pedram, one of the string shredding masterminds behind the bands chaotic and crushing nouveau hardcore attack. We talked influences, technology and the current state of extreme music in our shared country of residence! Read the rest of this story »

Lorelei Release Video for Sanguine

Gimmicks. Gimmicks are a terrible plague, especially in the world of metal. It seems as if we can’t live without them but this writer refuses to get used to it. Makeup, additional band members, cool locations or clothes, these are no replacements for what we’re all here for: music. So when a great band like Lorelei, known for their technical take on deathcore, release a video like this it just makes me angry. We’ll discuss it after the jump but you really need to hear/see this for yourself.

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