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If you want to write about the music you love and want to use Heavy Blog Is Heavy as your forum, then It’s easy. Send an email with your review, editorial, or whatever, to mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com. If we like it, we’ll make you a contributor. The only requirements: you have to be a decent writer and you have to, obviously, listen to this type of music. We like reviews that are formal in tone without use of personal pronouns or personal narrative between 500 and 800 words. Including a link to your last.fm is a plus!

Music Submissions/Press Releases

So you want us to hear your music? Awesome! The best way to do that is to send us an email with some info about your band and direct us to your Bandcamp or Soundcloud page by emailing us at mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com. If you want to send mp3s, artwork, anything via email, that’s cool. If you want us to hear your whole album, just send us a link! Bandcamp is our favorite website, but if you want to send us a copy of your album through another means, Mediafire is our favorite file host! We will not give out links to downloads unless permission is given.

Physical packages are also welcome! If you want to send any physical packages, promo materials, or letters to Heavy Blog Is Heavy, please send us an email to get the mailing address so we may direct your material to the writer who would appreciate it the most, thus maximizing chances for a better review.

Keep in mind that Heavy Blog Is Heavy operates not only across the US, but internationally. The writers are based all over the United States with an editor in the UK and we’re looking to expand to have writers from other places as well. Regional and local bands should direct their music towards the closest writer by sending an email to the above email address to their attention. You can see where the writers are located in the site’s footer.

We get a lot of stuff in the inbox, so if we don’t reply, we are very very sorry. We’re busy folks and we can only listen to and post about so much!

Tour Sponsorships

We’d love to become more active in covering live shows and promoting tours. We’d like to sponsor national-level tours in either USA or UK! In exchange for our logo on the tour poster, we’ll cover the tour via news, live reviews, contests, interviews, give you the reigns of your own column, and we’ll put an ad for the tour on our sidebar at the top of the page until the trek ends. We’ll also do pretty much what ever else you want, so long as you don’t take pictures of us doing it!


We NEVER leak anything unless specifically told to. We try to not infringe on any copyright, and do not do so knowingly. We do not post links to pirated material. If we manage to slip up and post something you own, contact us and we will remove the copyrighted material as soon as possible.


In the Dallas area and want to have some professionally done photography for promotional use? Maybe you want to film a music video, or need an editor for a project you’re working on? Chris Collins is a jack of all trades in the field and has shot photos at events featuring Whitechapel, Volumes, Structures, Oceano, and has directed a music video for The Browning. Get in touch with Chris on Facebook for any inquiries.

Be sure to check out Chris’ photostream on Flickr for examples of his photography work and visit his website for a demo reel of his video and editing work.


Our advertising is done through Fixion Media, who is Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s official ad representative. They are most awesome and you should pay them a visit if you’re either looking for advertising on your own website or you’re looking to promote your band or label to the relevant websites.


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