Writers/Bloggers/News Submissions

Would you like to write for Heavy Blog? That’s great! We encourage all interested and aspiring writers to reach out to us. But here are a few things you should know.

    • Heavy Blog Is Heavy is not a pay-for-work website. As much as we would love nothing more than to pay all of our editors, staff writers, and photographers for the immeasurable work they produce for us, this website has always been and likely will be for the foreseeable future a volunteer enthusiast-run website. This is non-negotiable, so if being paid is a requirement for you, do not bother submitting your material to us.
    • We will not accept anyone with shoddy grammar. This should be a no-brainer, but seriously, if you have not mastered the basics of the written English language, save yourself the time and effort of sending us anything.
    • Having proper grammar is not enough. In order for us to consider your writing, it must display both a comfortable level of knowledge on the subject matter as well as the appearance of critical thinking. Just saying something is good or bad a dozen times in slightly different ways is not enough. Have substance, build your arguments and opinions, and make it interesting to read. Read a few of our reviews to get a sense of our writers’ various styles.

If you want to write about the music you love and want to use Heavy Blog Is Heavy as your forum though, submitting to us is easy. Send an email with your review, editorial, or whatever, to mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com. We like reviews that are formal in tone without use of personal pronouns or personal narrative between 500 and 800 words. Also, please include a link to your last.fm and/or a list of the type of music you would like to cover.


Music Submissions/Press Releases

So you want us to hear your music? Awesome! First, we highly encourage you to read this for some easy tips on how to best get our attention. Next, send us an email with some info about your band and direct us to your Bandcamp or Soundcloud page by emailing us at mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com. Links to streaming media are prefered. Please don’t send us attachments. Links to downloads for promos are fine.

Physical packages are also welcome! If you want to send any physical packages, promo materials, or letters to Heavy Blog Is Heavy, please send us an email to get the mailing address so we may direct your material to the writer who would appreciate it the most.

Keep in mind that Heavy Blog Is Heavy operates not only across the US, but internationally. Our writers are based all over North America, the UK, Australia, and elsewhere, and we’re looking to expand to have writers from other places as well. Regional and local bands should direct their music towards the closest writer by sending an email to the above email address to their attention.

We get a lot of stuff in the inbox, so if we don’t reply, we are very very sorry. We’re busy folks and we can only listen to and post about so much!


Tour Sponsorships

We love covering live shows and always welcome opportunities to sponsor tours, both in the US and elsewhere. In exchange for our logo on the tour poster, we’ll cover the tour via news, interviews, concert photos and video, and we’ll put an ad for the tour on our sidebar at the top of the page until the trek ends. Contact us at mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com to get the conversation started!



We NEVER leak anything unless specifically told to. We try to not infringe on any copyright, and do not do so knowingly. We do not post links to pirated material. If we manage to slip up and post something you own, contact us and we will remove the copyrighted material as soon as possible.



We have a roster of incredibly talented photographers and videographers who would love to shoot your band! Below is a list of them by location.

New York:

Nick Cusworth: In addition to being an editor of the site, Nick is a videographer/editor who is our go-to for concert video coverage and other exclusive video content. Check out his work for the site on our Youtube channel, and see more of his music videography work at his website, www.ArpeggiaMedia.com. You can reach Nick either via [email protected] or [email protected]

Mark Valentino: Mark lives on Long Island and covers our photography in NYC as well as throughout the northeast US. You can view his work via Flickr.


Kyle Gaddo: Kyle is also an editor of the website in addition to being our lead photographer out in the midwest. Kyle’s work is frequently used by bands and PR for promotion. Check out his Flickr page to see why. You can contact Kyle at [email protected]


Randy Edwards: Randy cut his teeth building up a reputation as a superb photographer and videographer out in Omaha, and is now bringing that talent to Toronto. He has worked with countless bands, artists, models, and more to produce stunning work. You can keep track of his doings on his website – www.randyedwardsphotos.com – and Facebook page, and you can contact him at [email protected]


William France: As our sole photographer outside of North America, William covers the thriving metal scene in Australia from the greater Brisbane area. He’s also worked extensively with international bands, providing us great coverage from the inside of After the Burial and Born of Osiris’s 2014 tour, which you can read here. You can see more of William’s work on his Flickr page and Facebook page.



Our advertising is done through Fixion Media, who is Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s official ad representative. They are most awesome and you should pay them a visit if you’re either looking for advertising on your own website or you’re looking to promote your band or label to the relevant websites.



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