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Having never sat down and reviewed a gig before, I had every intention of staying sober to make sure I could remember every single nuance of my first experience seeing Converge live. I failed. By the time the support acts had wound up I was well on my way to having that warm, fuzzy feeling of inebriation rise up past the hairs on my neck. Combined with the fact that my nerves were already shot from sitting for hours having a sensitive part of my body tattooed (My hand. You perverts!) and by the time the Boston legends took the stage, I’d begun to feel somewhat euphoric. What followed was loud, cathartic and unforgettable. View Full Article »

The Fine Constant
Last week our own Randy Edwards put his body on the line to film a typically intense and physical set from Trash Talk. This week he’s back with a far more subdued, though equally impressive (and far more noodly) video from Wisconsin’s The Fine Constant. The Fine Constant formed in May of 2012 when guitarist Sarah Longfield looked to form a band so she could begin performing her solo material on the road. Their moody and sometimes sporadic set left the crowd nothing short of speechless, as they progressed through a flurry of songs, often times not announcing song names before they started. There really is no need for words, the music travels through vast soundscapes, and lets the imagination wander. The band is taking a short break after this recent short tour, presumably to focus on the songwriting process. Until then, enjoy this live video of ‘Pari Passu’ after the jump. View Full Article »

TesseracT Sonisphere 2014

It has been a very short time since we found out that Ashe O’Hara parted ways with TesseracT, and that the band had regained Dan Tompkins. Now, we have live footage of the band playing a prime cut off  their debut album, One. If you think your heart won’t explode from excitement upon viewing the video, check it out after the jump.

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meshuggah tour 2014

Meshuggah’s 25th anniversary tour with Between The Buried and Me brought out thousands of prog fans around the country to an otherwise comparatively short run of dates. It’s not hard to imagine how a package like this can succeed, with the tour wrapping up with a sold out show at Best Buy Theater in New York City. Photographer Maclyn Bean attended that final date of the tour, and also captured a BTBAM headline show in Philadelphia at the Theater of the Living Arts two days later. You can catch photos from both gigs after the jump.

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Abigail Williams Live Still
Ulcerate, one of our favorite (as well as possibly one of the only we know of?) bands from the wondrous land of New Zealand, recently wrapped up a string of shows in the US. Along the way they hit Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, and Nick Cusworth was there to capture them in all their furious glory. Better yet, he was able to use the power of GoPro to give us a better-than-front-row seat to one of the best drummers in the game currently, Jamie Saint Merat. Click through the jump to see videos from their entire set, including a few drum-cam-only playthroughs. View Full Article »


We didn’t need more proof that the members of CHON are absurdly skilled at their instruments, but sometimes a little reminder comes along regardless of whether we need it or not. Audiotree Live released their session with the band this week, split up into six videos. We have the playlist of all six for your viewing/listening pleasure below.
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Currently on the road to promote their upcoming album, Once More ‘Round the Sun, the Atlanta foursome not to be trifled with, Mastodon, take the most eco-friendly (and heaviest) band in the world, Gojira, and the six-piece stranglehold from Norway, Kvelertak on tour with some of the most bone-crushing riffs to take the stage.

Please enjoy a note from our photographer and a slew of photos behind the cut!

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Greetings, folk fans and godless heathens! Welcome to another year of Paganfest with Paganfest 2014. On tour for the fifth year, we have the world’s biggest folk-influenced bands to come together on a single tour across North America to bring you all the accordions, violins, fiddles, and hoopla you can muster. On tour for this year we have Finland’s own Korpiklaani and Turisas, black metal titans ChthoniC from Taiwan, VARG from Germany, and Ohio act Winterhymn with all the European influence they can muster. Please enjoy these photos!

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Tesseract, Intronaut, Cloudkicker tour

On tour for the first time ever, some lucky members of Heavy Blog Is Heavy had the pleasure of partaking in an evening with Cloudkicker, led by mastermind solo artist Ben Sharp and masterfully recreated live with Intronaut as the backing band. Please enjoy these photos of the Philadelphia show of what may possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime tour.

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Abigail Williams Live Still

Continuing our new series of live concert videos, videographer Nicolas Cusworth went to Brooklyn’s hub for all things heavy (as well as delicious pork buns), Saint Vitus, and captured a band we like very much, Abigail Williams. The band played several cuts off of the wonderful Becoming and In the Absence of Light, as well as two brand new songs, which the group has been kind enough to allow us to share. For the time being they both remain title-less, but we hope that their trotting out new material bodes well for more information on a new album soon. Regardless, both of the new songs definitely seem to pick up where Becoming left off and are most certainly worth a listen.

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