Heavy Vanguard Episode 2: Nuno Canavarro // Plux Quba

We’re back! And thanks to everyone who listened to our first episode: it really means a lot to us. And a big special thanks to one Greg Greenberg for making some bitchin’ intro music for us! (I forgot to add that last week—my bad.)

This week, however, we’ve got something a little bit different, and a lot more esoteric than before: an album Scott discovered whilst browsing the interwebs called Plux Quba, by a relatively underground Portuguese composer known as Nuno Canavarro. We both went into this one unsure of what we’d find, but it turns out that this is a pretty monumental album in the electronic scene. If you’re a fan of Aphex TwinMouse On MarsBoards Of Canada, or pretty much any IDM/experimental electronic music producer, this is an album worth checking out.

We won’t say anything more, since there really isn’t a lot on Canavarro or this album. Enjoy, and again, thank you for listening!

This Weeks Episode:

This Week’s Album:


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