Hypergiant – Father Sky

The early 2000s brought us a wealth of riff-worshipping, bone-quaking goodness  – what has essentially become the foundation of many current doom, stoner, and sludge metal acts. Bands like Mastodon, High on Fire, and Baroness expanded upon the standard set by metal’s forefathers with more progressive tendencies, expansive arrangements, fiercer presentation, technically demanding performances, and (presumably) better strains of grass. At the same time (and likely benefitting from the same improved… *ahem* genetics), there was also a bubble of traditionalists like The Sword, Wolfmother, and Saviours who made the case that a more conventional approach was worth revisiting, reinvigorating classic sounds for a new generation of headbangers. It’s from this very specific nexus that Australia’s Hypergiant explode, harkening back to familiar territories on both sides of this early-00s coin.

Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg

Wolfmother Cosmic Egg 01. California Queen 02. New Moon Rising 03. White Feather 04. Sundial 05. In The Morning 06. 10,000 Feet 07. Cosmic Egg 08. Far Away 09. Pilgrim 10. In The Castle 11. Phoenix 12. Violence Of The Sun [10/23/09] [Modular Records] Australian hard rock band Wolfmother have…