16 – The Great Southern Careerkill

Welcome back to HPIHC! Eden's back, and thus we're back on track! Of course we talk about Phil Anselmo's transgressions and the fallout that followed, new music from Skuggsja, Voivod and Killswitch Engage. Of course, there's more Tidal shenanigans (involving Rihanna this time), then we go into our usual discussions. This time it's about the material that supplements the experience of an album, be it music videos or supplementary material like liner notes, companion books and such. Finally we talk about the legendary Fredrik Nordstrom. Enjoy!
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Voivod – Target Earth

For a long time fans of Voivod have been weary of what would happen when the band inevitably ran out of material left over from former guitarist, Dennis D'Amour (Piggy). Which is completely understandable, as Piggy was seemingly the key writing component of the band for the the first two decades of their formation. So, when it was made known that the band's latest record, Target Earth, would be the first album to feature contributions from Daniel Mongrain (Chewy), the man who took over lead guitar duties for the band's tours once Piggy passed away, weariness turned into apprehension. It's been made abundantly clear that when a pivotal member of a band is replaced, well the results can be less than desirable.
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Absu – Abzu

Absu Abzu 01. Earth Ripper 02. Circles Of The Oath 03. Abraxus Connexus 04. Skrying In The Spirit Vision 05. Ontologically, It Became Time And Space 06. A Song For Ea Slayer's Reign In Blood  can be... Read More...