Aegaeon – Being

To a certain degree, deathcore is fucking dead. It’s true. As a collective, we are fickle people with short attention spans, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you want page hits and controversy, you rag on djent instead; it’s fairly simple. Gone are the heydays days where the mere mention of Oceano would cause panties to knot into a near singularity and where Whitechapel were known only as a band who carried around extra guitarists rather than a chorus pedal. Interestingly in last few months, the latter have gone above and beyond service and crossed the border into the hallowed halls of ‘acceptability’ for the average, discerning metalhead. With that in mind, we now enter the stage of metamorphosis for deathcore, where the once fertile grounds have become a corpse-strewn wasteland with only those that actually had any substance in the first place, rising to the top.

On Djent, And The Return Of Its God

Let me preface this by saying that the first person to comment “hurr durr djent is not a genre” is going to get forcibly bedded by the business end of a rake. No dinner, no candles, and no fucking Kenny G. The argument of genre/chord/sound comes up more often lately than racism…